What is Whale Vomit? Why is Ambergris so expensive? Yemeni fishermen find Rs 11 cr worth Vomit Gold

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What is ? Why is so expensive? Yemeni fishermen find Rs 11 cr worth
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      @Vikrant Singh Chandella Q1

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      Bbc says they firstly killed it

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      This lecture is. Fully useful and knowledgeable. TQ. Sir. To make this more interesting with this extreme level of editing ❤️🙏 Jai Hind

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      Fan of your voice

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    I feel happy for those fisherman



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    Wow explaination



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    Best presentation

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    Thankyou sir, really very good way of explanation.

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    Please do make video in English also!



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    4:34 uses. Thanks

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    Very impressive voice and information.

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    Please make a lecture on epilepsy...sir

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    Ohh bro..your explanation is priceless and rare like ambergris

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    Apka content kafi acha h but apki voice usi dominate krti hu ...i don't know y apke liy compliment h ya nhi ...but i feel its feedback from my side

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    This is dangerous......than everybody will start killing these whales

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    Recently Same case reported and arrested in Bangalore , Smuggling whale vomit

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    Thanku sir from the bottom of my heart ❤️😊🙏🙏🙏🙏
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    Travel & Tourism Management GDC

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    now This news will endanger the Whale population. Bitter fact: Humans Are Greedy 😑

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    To the point explanation...and nice editing.....

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    Thnkyewww so much

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    damn good presentation 🔥🔥

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    Now greedy human will start hunting this fish.

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    Voice is just👍✨

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    Ur presentation and voice quality is awesome...

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    Sounds as if he is explaining Hollywood movie in hindi

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    This faculty is just superb

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    😎✍️Mind blowing editing.

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    तू चीज़ लाज़वाब तेरा कोई न जवाब बोले तो झकास एक दम फारु बताया जी आपने

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    I like his representation

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    Diamond of study iq

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    I was waiting for chemical compound explanation....but !

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    Thanks so much for this information.

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    I always appreciate your channel and i am very happy as I subscribed ... Really very helpful for me .😊

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    It's a kidney stone of sperm whale simply.

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    cool dudealok

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    This is a stone of gallbladder of whale....☠️

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    "Ambergree". 🤦

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    No doubt @Adarsh_gupta sir is a new gem 💎 of study iq .
    The way he's presenting anything ,,is always awesome ❤️❤️



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    ,katai Zeher video Ab tak ke 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Diunique Complete Solution

    Diunique Complete Solution

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    Good explanation.

  • Priya Sharma

    Priya Sharma

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    So just for perfume, humans kill whales!! That's again next level of unending greed of Man.

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    হকার ভাউ

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    Voice sounds angry prash

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    satyen gusain

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    Srijan Kataria

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    Jai hind jai bharat
    Very informative

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    Prahalad Jii

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    Our nature must be conserved not only by a section of society but whole community should take steps ...

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    Prahalad Jii

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    Literally you are omniscient...

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    Jayant Kumar

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    कृपया सरल शब्द में और हिंदी में समझाएं
    इतना ज्यादा english word समझ नहीं आता

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    Arnikesh sonkar

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    My friends laughed at me when I puked last tym🤷🏻

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    shubham kumbhalwar

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    Now people will hunt these whale's for money😐

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    Mr. zain

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    Ignited Minds

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    What a Presentation , Explanation and Voice!!! Really Amazing and Interesting👍



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    Music Addict

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    Now people will start killing sperm whale for this subtance😭😭😭😭😭

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    Really sir... Ur voice is incredible and so is ur content. ❤

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    Shaurya Aditya

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    Very unique video.

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    Mohan Singh Bali

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    Jai Hind Sir

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    Sathya YK

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    If it continues to sell like this costlier one day human will start feeding whales food which makes them vomit!!!

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    deepak tiwari

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    THakur G

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