DOPAMINE DETOX | How To Take Back Control Over Your Life

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What would our lives look like if we drowned out all the noise around us? In our modern world we constantly expose ourselves to different sources of instant gratification like social media, junk food, video games, alcohol or porn as these activities provide us with one dopamine hit after another. But it can quickly happen that our consumption gets out of balance and we get addicted to one of those things. Our brain creates impulsive behaviours where we don't even think about engaging in one of these activities anymore, but just do it right away. In order to show you the benefits of a life without any toxic consumption, I decided to detox from all of these dopamine sources for 7 days. During that time I recognised massive benefits like boosted productivity, mental clarity and an overall calmness. I hope this video motivates you to take back control over your own life as well!

0:00 How Dopamine Works
1:22 Why Dopamine Controls Us
2:40 Dopamine Detox & Rules
3:53 Day 1: Boosted Productivity
7:25 Why Do A Dopamine Detox?
9:01 Day 2: Getting Back To Sports & Feeling Present
11:53 Day 4: Prioritising The Important Things
14:34 Day 6: Fighting My Addictions
17:55 Being Aware Of My Surroundings
20:22 Summary Of My Detox
22:09 Taking Back Control Over My Life

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Niklas Christl
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